Breve descrizione H5P


H5P (abbreviation for HTML5 Package) is an open source platform-independent authoring and display system for interactive content. Presentations, quizzes, and other interactive content can be created and displayed using building blocks known as H5P content. Once a piece of content is created it's easily exported to another H5P system. The development environment is open and well documented, allowing the creation of custom H5P content types. H5P is being used by 9 000+ websites (source Wikipedia).

H5P attributes include:

  • Available in Drupal 7, WordPress, and Moodle
  • Open Source
  • Content is exportable to any other H5P system
  • Uses JavaScript and HTML 5
  • Results tracking for content types such as quizzes
  • xAPI (Tin Can) integration.

There are a variety of H5P content types, including containers such as accordions and sliders which can nest other content types. Some examples are:

H5P defines a file packaging format named the ".h5p specification", or simply, H5P file. An H5P file is a zip archive bundling HTML, JSON, JavaScript, and media files. It can contain one or more of a content type, content export, API implementation, application, or JavaScript library.


  • Plug and play interactive content.
  • Easy to share content.
  • Option for turning off content sharing feature.
  • Large variety of content types.
  • Open source.


  • Documentation on some content types is lacking
  • Trial and error is often required to figure out options for some of the sophisticated content types
  • Though some of the content type editors are excellent, some are obtuse or confusing
  • Content creators are endlessly creative, you will have to deal with content types being “close but not exactly what I want”
  • There isn't a lot of good guidance on developer workflow if you want to contribute back to the project
  • Staff focused on content creation will probably have favoured tools -- for example, Articulate Storyline -- and push back on an unknown tool such as H5P.


All the content available on is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International unless anything else is specified.

Code Licensing. H5P tries to use the MIT license wherever possible due to the freedom it gives. However, because of some third party code used for purifying the user input in the H5P PHP Library that code has to be GPL licensed.